Spring Up Oh Whale Pictures
A Christian film company
About Us:
We are a Christian film company just starting out on the journey of creating our first film which is called The Super Rocket. This film is about two boys who build a super rocket and have a falling out in the process! This film has been 100% shot but is still in need of music which I am now writing. The actors on this film are a couple of my friends (Matthew and Daniel Blanchet) who played the boys and my Mom and Dad who played the Mom and Dad. Check back here to see the film when it is finished!
Site Design:
I designed this site myself and coded it all from scratch. I'm just starting a web design business and as I have a talent for visual design and coding I think I could do a good job on a variety of sites. Visit my portfolio if you're interested and see what you like!
Contact Me:
You can contact me, Timothy Grindall, at tim.grindall@gmail.com
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